Why can't I see the prices?

  • We need you to register first so the prices appear in the correct currency for your country.
  • Please register first

I'm having trouble placing my order. Can you help?

What currencies do you accept?

  • You can pay in GBP, EUR or USD. The currency for your region is selected automatically when you register.

What countries do you ship to?

  • You will see a list of countries when you register. Please check with us if necessary.
  • We regularly ship to all countries in the EU and Europe, including Switzerland and Norway. We also have many customers in North America and the rest of the world.

Will I have to pay value added tax (VAT), or equivalent?

  • UK customers: yes
  • Other customers: for customers outside the UK (e.g. in the EU) you may have to pay import VAT. Our goods are zero rated for customs tariffs.

    How do you send my order to me?

    • We use reliable international courier delivery services (usually FedEx, DPD, etc.).
    • You will be able to track the parcel after we despatch it.

    How do I find out what is happening to my order?

    Are the products guaranteed?

    • All our products come with a warranty against defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from the time of delivery.

    I cannot log in/cart (basket) lines are blank/other technical issues

    Most likely you have cookies turned off. Our site needs a session cookie in order to work properly. This is a temporary cookie in memory only (not saved on disk) while you are reading and navigating the website. Try closing the browser and starting again with session cookies enabled. If you still cannot solve the problem we would really like to fix the problem, so please do tell us. Let us know which browser you use and the problem you are experiencing. You can do this either by email to enquiries@windrush.net or by using our contact page. Thank you.

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