Vacuum handling tools for wafers, die, lense, electronic component semiconductor and parts handling, vacuum pickups/pens.

Product datasheet


PPS tweezers for 5 inch (125 mm) wafers

Manual wand (tweezers), sized for correct handling of 5 inch (125 mm) wafers. Made entirely of PPS. The unique design ensures a delicate and fragile semiconductor wafer is handled gently but firmly without excessive contact. Unlike conventional metal tweezers, the wafer surface is never scratched. The contact area is optically-polished to reduce surface particle counts.

  • Designed to handle 5 inch semiconductor wafers
  • Will not scratch wafers
  • Withstand up to 130°C continuously
  • No glue or metal parts
  • Gross weight including packaging: 37 g
  • Material: PPS

MaterialPPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide)
Wafer edge contact4.5 mm (top), 9.0 mm (bottom)
Length148 mm
Net weight32g