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PPS tweezers for 4 inch (100 mm) wafers


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Manual wand (tweezers) sized for correct handling of 4 inch (100 mm) wafers. Made entirely of PPS. The unique design ensures a delicate and fragile semiconductor wafer is handled gently but firmly without excessive contact. Unlike conventional metal tweezers, the wafer surface is never scratched. The contact area is optically polished to reduce surface particle counts.

  • Designed to handle 4 inch semiconductor wafers.
  • Will not scratch wafers.
  • Withstand up to 130°C continuously.
  • No glue or metal parts.
  • Gross weight including packaging: 36 g.
  • Material: PPS.

MaterialPPS (polyphenylene sulfide)
Wafer edge contact5.4 mm (top), 9.5 mm (bottom)
Length146 mm
Net weight31 g