Vacuum handling tools for wafers, die, lense, electronic component semiconductor and parts handling, vacuum pickups/pens.

Jewellery and watch making, and artwork restoration

These wands offer precise, delicate and reliable handling and are ideal for picking up objects that would be difficult to handle by other means. Delicate, fragile and awkwardly shaped pieces may be exactly positioned without damage. Wand bodies are available in ESD safe plastic or Teflon. A wide variety of tips, including suction cups and nozzles, is available, with many material and size options.

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C001ESD safe die/small parts handling wand body, normally closed
F001Teflon die/small parts handling wand body, normally closed
FV-10-240Clean room vacuum pump, 3 to 15 kPa, 2.7 l/min, 240 V
43-3.0ESD safe conductive silicone rubber suction cup, 3.0 mm
26-0.3ESD safe conductive PEEK nozzle, 0.3 mm
26-1.0ESD safe conductive PEEK nozzle, 1.0 mm
651Vertical wall mount wand stand
652Horizontal desktop wand stand
851-MCoiled ESD safe tubing, 3 mm ID, 5 mm OD, 2 m, relaxed