Vacuum handling tools for wafers, die, lense, electronic component semiconductor and parts handling, vacuum pickups/pens.

Vacuum wands for fibre-optics and fine wires

These wands are designed for handling fibre-optics and are fitted with special 'slit tips'. They are also ideal for use with fine wires or other small, round components and offer precise, delicate and reliable handling. Wand bodies are available in ESD safe plastic or Teflon. The specially formed tips are available in PCTFE and conductive nylon. Our unique wand control valve ensures reliable suction and instantaneous release.

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C001ESD safe die/small parts handling wand body, normally closed
F001Teflon die/small parts handling wand body, normally closed
51-3.0PCTFE slit tip, 3.0 mm wide, 0.5 mm slit gap
51-4.5PCTFE slit tip, 4.5 mm wide, 0.9 mm slit gap
51-6.0PCTFE slit tip, 6.0 mm wide, 0.9 mm slit gap
54-3.0ESD safe slit tip, 3.0 mm wide
54-4.5ESD safe slit tip, 4.5 mm wide
54-6.0ESD safe slit tip, 6.0 mm wide
FV-30-240Clean room vacuum pump, 300 mmHg, 2.5 l/min, 240 V, HEPA
651Vertical wall mount wand stand
652Horizontal desktop wand stand
851-MCoiled ESD safe tubing, 3 mm ID, 5 mm OD, 2 m, relaxed
858Static dissipative grounding kit for FV-10/30/60 pumps